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Thursday, February 17, 2011

musey the cat

i'm not a big fan of cat. i would freak out like a pondan if there is a cat around me. but this one, reaaallllyyyy adorable i must say. meet, MUSEY the Cat, tuty's cat.

musey tido gaya superman.

tuty cakap gambar passport musey. alololo. 'juruh' sungguh.

geram nye..!!! comel sangat sampai curi gambar dari facebook tuty. haha. mintak izin yep.  banyak lagi gambar dalam tu sampai tersenyum sorang2 tengok gelagat musey ni. exclusive sungguh sampai buat entri khas untuk musey.

*mungkin kalau ada soft toy sebijik macam musey saya sanggup beli. hehe

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

barbecue with close friends

(warning : contains a lot of pic)
akhirnya, dapat juga kumpul sama2 semua closest friends. All these friends are actually my course mates and also kawan susah-senang for the whole 4 years in this college. Those who help me a lotttt, crying and laughing together, hanging around, burning the midnight oil and doing silly things, apart from my ghay friends of course. so last sunday, we decided to barbecue and it was hosted by hafeez. let pictures do the talk.

the menu


candid. sama je gaya. haha.

sesi makan dan sembang


mechanical engineering class of 2011
 hafeez - alang - me -syed - rangga - tuty - faiz - piie - sup - nabil

2 months left to spend time together. hopefully our friendship will never end. Amin =)