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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My last Bangkok Trip : Intro

Last time i did promise to update my business trip to Bangkok . It was actually for a business and training purpose and i went with Ili, my officemate/housemate. But we did go to few places during the weekend to enjoy the opportunity of being in other country. :)

I will make it simple by putting the pictures only.
The awesome hotel provided by the company and this in my room.

 equipped with wi-fi and working table

The queen bed. All mine.  hehe.
can see the TV from the bathroom.

breakfast/sahur was served in the room (special request)
Main course was in the hot box below the table.

It was a great opportunity for me and it was unexpected to go to this trip as i, at that time was a new comer in this company, like only 2 weeks.

As soon as we touched down at Suvarna Bhumi Airport, the company shuttle fetched us and straight away went to the company in Bangpa-In, 1 hour plus from our hotel in Bangkok.

We sahur in hotel, went to the office by 7am and reached hotel back at 7 pm. Everyday we 'berbuka' in the shuttle. huhu. During weekdays, we hardly go for sightseeing except to find halal food at MBK malls. Quite tiring because we had to use the sky train and then walk a bit. Every night.

But, during weekends it was like a vacation. hehe. Here are the stories.

Company Party and Bowling
Me and Ili did not really play.Spending most of the hour chit-chatting with the Robert, Germany staff and see Tanawut  (our counterpart) and others playing. huhu

The next day we went to Amphawa and also Pattaya on Sunday. Will continue this in the next post. (it seems longer than i thought it should be)

till then..