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Saturday, November 7, 2015

4 Years as an Engineer.

4 years.
Years ago, I started working in the manufacturing industry. But then, they decided to consolidate our plant to Bangkok. So I took the VSS (Volutary Separation Scheme), received the compensation money, bought my car, got married and saved the rest. Not regret at all. Hahaha.. Yang ni tak nak cerita panjang coz banyak dah kot cerita in the previous posts.

Few months before my separation date, I was interviewed by few oil and gas companies, including Technip and Alstom. But then, I got the offer from SK. Siapa tak nak kan? Esp me yang memang naaaaakkkk sangat kerja O&G plus SK is a big company. 

One week after I left the manufacturing company, I reported to the SK Kemaman Base as Maintenance Engineer. It was weird at first. When I was in manufacturing company, I was dealing with precision tools. My adjustable wrench was smaller than my palm, but when i was in the yard, I even found biggggg adjustable wrench that I can't even lift with my both hands. 

The funny part was, during my first month, I was bullied by my subordinates. They can't accept lady engineer! LOL.. soon after, we became a very close team. Masa tu, dua orang je engineer perempuan kat yard; Tiniey and me. Tiniey as E&I engineer and I, as mentioned earlier.

Of course the job was fun. But travelling and driving alone from Kemaman - KL - Kemaman for almost every weeks were the bitter one. I even cried on the way to Kemaman. Everytime! 

I don't have problem working under the scorching hot of Kemaman Yard. I don't even have problem with the boss and client yelling in front of my face or even smelled like an engine oil and burning smoke after working with the generator or having a rough hand. BUT, apparently, I have problem being far away from my husband for a long period of time. 

The worst part was, I was working from Saturday to Thursday! Not because I was tired, but because when I was home in KL, I only have few hours to meet my husband. 

That explains the ranting I had in the previous post.

End of 2013, I was transferred to the KL HQ. Alhamdulillah. Near to my husband. I was in charge of Kemaman and Labuan Yard (before this, it was for Kemaman Yard only). Walaupun kerja kat yard lagi exciting, but this job teaches me more on offshore operation. So I gain both experiences. One day boss told me that I need to take my BOSIET and fly to Labuan.. I was sooooo excited. Lagi la semangat nak study pasal offshore etc. 

However, semiggu lepas bos cakap kena pg ambik BOSIET, dapat offer from Malaysian biggest utility company  (tak boleh type the company name as the have the bot searching for this.. lol). Masa tu torn off nk pergi ke tak. Sbb current job best. Gaji n benefit pun lebih kurang sama. Tapiiii... I will enter the company as fresh grad sbb dieorang ada this one year development program for new exec., Semua kena join this program and considered as newbie. 

I ve waited for soo long to get this offer. Since 2012. 4 stages of interviews, siap ada 2 days 1 night camp lagi, takkan nk lepaskan pulak...walaupun dah agak tawar hati.

So i did this.... report duty kat the new company and not telling my current company at that time! 

It was a bold move. The reason was, I need to know what position dieorang offer. They just told me that I will be seconded to the subsidiary for I don't know how long. So, i want to know is it worth it to leave SK and etc.,...I took a week leave.

Alhamdulillah, dapat post yang aku minat.. and even better. Wrote the resign letter with short notice and paid the in lieu. Of course my boss agak frustrated. Siap suruh aku apply masuk balik if one day aku x minat dah kerja kat new comp. huhu..

Almost 2 years, finished my one year program, and working/travelling around Malaysia. I am grateful enough.

Working on the site (my dream) and still have the opportunity to spend time with my husband and family.

But of course, being an engineer, you have to admit that your time is limited. You have to sacrifice a lot of Teh Tarik session with your BFF. 

Nonetheless... I love my job. My ambition since I was 12. :)