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Saturday, February 27, 2010

BELANGSUKAWA : Hajjah Haminah bt Awang

"Satu hakikat yang kita tak boleh nak lari; Kita semua akan merasa kehilangan orang yang paling kita sayang. Sekali kamu dah rasa, kamu akan tau langit tu rupa-rupanya terlalu tinggi untuk digapai. Sekali kamu dah rasa, kamu akan senyap-senyap mengaku yang sebenarnya kamu ni hanya manusia yang maha lemah." - Ladynoe

Al-Fatihah kat arwah nenek,

Hajjah Haminah bt Awang.
1941 - 25 February 2010

Tak ada sesiapa yang dapat mengganti pengorbanan besar tokmek kat kami.
Sehingga hujung waktu, tok mek masih ingat kami semua.
Kehilangan yang tiba-tiba.

*terkilan tak sempat cium tok mek buat kali terakhir. ='(

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Azri Idzuandi

i dont know what to say. but the first word i promptly said was "MARVELOUS"

Yes he is.
Azri Idzuandi.
A Photographer. In his own way. I'm a big fan of landscapes pictures although i'm not into photography that much.

Amateur or professional. I'm not sure.
I think i should share with you his 'masterpieces'. Exaggerate a bit. wth.

kalau tak silap, ini di pahang.

Stealing time.

And of course, credit to the owner.

The rest, go check his website.
Oh and his blog is thoughtful too, especially his post about friendship.

"....The kind of lessons that you tend to forget just because you wanna believe that people will react in manners accordingly to your expectations. The fact is that, they don’t. And you can’t force it out of (or into) them. We shouldn’t be dictating our friends on manners they should be behaving, conforming to the kind that we want or hope for. Everybody is entitled to their own thoughts, opinions and even feelings. You can’t simply tell them, it’s wrong for you to feel a certain emotion or think a certain thought just because it doesn’t match your expectations or conform to your beliefs. As friends, they are still entitled to feel whatever emotions they wanna feel, think whatever thoughts they wanna think of and say whatever words they wanna utter. If they are entitled to it as humans, what gives friendship the right to take that away from them?.."

"Most times, I see people over-indulge themselves into ‘winning’ that they forget that winning a ‘battle’ doesn’t necessarily brings glory and triumphant. Sometimes losing a ‘battle’ might just win you the whole war. I’ve noticed (myself even) that most of the times, we are too obsessed into trying to make a point right there, right then, to the extent we do not realize that we are jeopardizing something much, much bigger that just an opinion or action..."


Couldn't agree more. And personally...Touchè.

*to the owner, Azri Idzuandi: If u stumbled upon this post, and if you think i disregard u, do inform me. But i think your artworks worth to be shared. Thank you. =)