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My Cook Diary


Assalamualaikum WBT

I was away from home since 13 years old, went to boarding school and after SPM, straight away start my degree until I officially graduated last April (2011). Thenceforward, i went to the kitchen just to help Umi with the dishes,stirred and fried the meal, not knowing what the ingredient inside. I was quite ignorant at that time.

Though, if you look in this blog, I did bake a lot since baking for me is the simplest thing i can do in the kitchen. However, after i graduate, I think i need to learn how to cook. I regret for not listening to umi, because making my own meals are far less expensive than eating outside, which i do it everyday without miss during my college time. And plus, it really boost up your resume for your future husband. hehe. To be true, i do this because of him too. =)

This page is dedicated for my cooking list. I will update any food that i cooked myself and approved by my family members and him. And if i could, i will put the picture and the recipe too. 

Thank you.