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Sunday, December 6, 2009

evita nuh

i stumbled upon her in TiC (Tongue in Chick) website.
then i googled her name and found her blog.

She is fashionable Evita Nuh.
A 'fashionista' and currently chicktopia want her to be their style council.
cool for a 10 years old girl. Yes, she's 10 years old for real!

go and check it out and u'll be mesmerized with this little kid fashion sense, pics shoot by her 'amateurlovephotography' sisters and also her drawings.
oh did i mention she's Indonesian?

some random pic i 'stole' from her blog and deviantart.

*note for evita dear,
u should share ur expression in lookbook.nu.

**yeah.. i'm really into fashion but have no gut
(and money) to dress like them. sigh!

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