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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sorry.this is a ghay post.

i found this.
masa tengah gedik-gedik google blog sendiri.

That was almost a year ago. Touching.. Thanks to you. =)
A lot things happened.

But at the end of the day, i know, i miss this wonderful relationship. Thou is one of the best thing i found here. Through ups and downs, sensitivity, emotion, joy and love life.

I'm sorry if i hurt u.
I'm sorry for forgetting how wonderful we were back then,
I'm sorry cause i was too busy with myself.
I'm sorry, it took almost forever, to know that i actually has a wonderful friend.
I'm sorry for everything.

Thanks for being a good friend.
Thanks for giving me a shoulder to cry on.
Thanks for helping me in everything.

Thanks to you.
I miss our good ol' day.


*Can't wait too see u this Sunday. =)

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TuTs said...

uuuu *touch*

cpt2 mai.