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Saturday, January 8, 2011

twitter for dummies

this is actually tutorial requested from my beloved gpm friend; Azrie.
 Faiz, u can also take note on this, oh 'si-tua-takda-twitter' hehehe.

actually u don't need this tutorial because to sign up twitter is a lot easier than facebook. but, i'm being rajin for u.

ok. here we go.

first. open the home page http://twitter.com
then click the orange sign up button.

follow all these steps

 here is the dahsboard or the time line. type ur twit in the box and u are now on twitter.
this is your (in this case, mine) profile.

you can edit your profile background and theme.
If you want to get updates from other people in your time line, simply click 'follow' button on their profile. like this :

walla! thats all.

happy tweeting.
 if you want, follow me at http://twitter.com/fatimaazzahra or click on the twitter status at the sidebar.

p/s: azrie, nanti ajak zubir skali ber-twitter. apa guna bb torch tanpa twitter. hehe

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