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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lunch with mechie buddies.

An update on my last lunch with Mechanical friends at Chili's. Actually, we were planning on having our lunch at Cyberview Lounge but last minute we cancelled it and change to Chili's instead.

waiting for me after zuhur prayer.

Anyway, we met each other at Midvalley, hafeez, syed and me did a short window shopping at the gardens. Hafeez was planning on buying a few working attire before leaving to Abu Dhabi. So we went to few boutique at the gardens, met faiz at Midvalley then another course mates in front of Chili's.

We ordered our lunch and had chit chat with each other. mostly about future planning, job seeking and our memories in college. The appetizer of the day was Tostada Chips and it was bottomless.

And one by one our foods and drinks were served.

Mine were
Chicken Breast Mushroom and Pina Chilada; a vanila ice cream blended with coconut and banana cream and pineapple juice.

mine mine. 

the food was great but the drink, might be too exotic to my taste bud. so next time is NO for pina chilada.

their foods

To our surprise, there was a 1 inch little rod in Joshua's burger and we told the manager about this. He already bite it but then opened back his mouth and realized this thing...

thanks to Chilis manager, she cancelled the bill for Joshua's and as complimentary and apology, they served us this for free......

brownies and molten choc cake

Picture time....Aaron went back early as he had something to do, but i managed to snap a few picture of him and others. Nabil, Madhav and Ronald came a bit late but managed to catch up with us.

Ivor, Joshua, Aaron and Hafeez

the buddies, Faiz, me, Syed, Ronald, Madhav, Ivor, Joshua, Hafeez, Sup and Nabil

taken from Instax picture. 

we sat and chit chat for hours and planning to go for movie after that, unfortunately, I need to check out my apartment by 6 pm so we cancelled the movie session. Bummer! sorry u guys.

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