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Thursday, June 30, 2011

#5 foods i miss the most


           it's more 5 fast foods i'm craving right now. Something that i always eat during my study time, but cannot be found in my home town, Terengganu.


this one was my all time favorite. never thought that this thing only available at certain KFC joints (currently only in Lembah Klang & Selangor) *cried. I always buy it at KFC Seri Kembangan drive-tru. Sometimes, i drove from my apartment in the middle of the night just to buy this little delicious tart. a five star dessert from KFC i must say.

#2 SUBWAY : HEARTY ITALIAN CHICKEN TERIYAKI with teriyaki sauce, extra mustard, vinegar, pepper, cheese powder and a little bit of lettuce.

subway moment 2007

 Writing this pun dah salivates. all time favorite for breakfast. the closest subway is in The Mines, and my Subway breakfast partners were Syed & Hafeez. hafeez will call me in the Monday morning as early as 8.30am just to have a breakfast at Subway. and syed, whenever we want to eat it as an evening snack. And most of the time i bought this particular subway menu and the drinks at the 7E store next to it. Must eat when i go to KL anytime soon.

I prefer Molten Lava Macaroon at OU. Ah nevermind. Kat mana2 je as long as it is macaroon. Do want! Sigh. why u no have in Terengganu?? 


A yogurt ice cream that i wanna eat it with my tutti frutti partner.. tya & api. eda no like this thing. sebab masam katanya. ah. rindu.Combine all flavor and extra red velvet, topped with oreo n strawberry. Done!


Ah.. yang ni. Everyone will agree with me that this is something that people will craving kalau lama dah tak makan. Huuuu... nak!


That's all. nanti tidur mahu mimpi makan ni boleh?

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