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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday by Bri Gonzales

Who has been annoyed by Rebecca Black - Friday song? Raise your hand! *me!
Who never seen the video can click on this link ---> Rebecca Black - Friday Offcial Video

*cant post the video. might annoy syed and tya. haha

The lyric is bad, her voice? can be a night mare. the song will haunt in your head and you will always think that everyday is friday (true story. right syed?) hehe

the remedy?
watch the parody video of Friday.


introducing Bri Gonzales, she sang Friday and music arrangement by Jervy Hou, erm, despite the should-go-to-the-trash lyric, the song she sang sounds EPIC. .

here's the video


you can listen her other songs in reverbnation --> http://www.reverbnation.com/sincerelybri
her voice is soo good.

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illeroznog said...

Very nice tribute to Bri Gonzales and Jervy Hou ~ Thank you for posting to your Blog!