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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Suphasan's Pre Birthday Celebration

Venue : Villa Wangsamas (Sup's house)
Date : 7 April 2011

Actually sup's birthday is on 15 April, but Eka had decided to make a surprise birthday celebration for him. A BBQ party! Sup should have no clue whats going on, unfortunately he smelled something fishy as soon as he saw his friend's car at the carpark. so not that surprise anymore. That night, Syed, Faiz, Bali and me arrived little bit late.

Let pictures speak the event.
The cake; Secret Recipe Tiramisu cake
The food

The surprise. sadly we missed it.

Barbeque Time

Bob bersungguh2 kipas

the guests (some of them)

gayat sedikit

Dina Kay Tuty n me
Kelantanese?? Me, eka n Tuty. 
the birthday boy and the planner

Happy 23rd Birthday
Suphasan Boonratana

from all of us

p/s: soalan cepumas

nampak sesuatu tak dalam gambar ni?

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